Moe Loubani Software Developer / Development Consultant

Redoing my Site / More About Me

Hello everyone reading this and welcome to my new website! As a long time WordPress developer this is my first official foray into the SSG world, something that I think has been a long time coming.

Me in Egypt in the fall of 2022

My Background with WordPress

I started using WordPress somewhere in 2007 when at that time it had the magical property of being exactly what Google wanted to see. You could spin up a new website targeting a keyword like ‘baboons’ and if you set up a website with WordPress and made regular posts on a domain like ‘’ you’d find yourself near the top of Google in just a few weeks.

As an affiliate marketer at the time I would pump out these blogs for different keywords and watched as the traffic from Google flowed in. It was great – for a while – until Google started getting smarter and I started having to get craftier in my ways of staying on top. During that process one of my ideas needed me to go out and find a programmer to help me out but I was never able to find the right person. No matter who I went to it seemed like I was going to have to do it myself so I dove in. Having programmed a little bit on a Commodore 64 when I was 10ish years old the idea didn’t completely scare me away but I knew it was going to be something different.

Fast forward a few years and I’d found that I liked the programming more than anything else about the job and I took to making that my new path in life. WordPress, which was then just leaving the blogging platform model and turning into more of a real CMS, just kept getting more and more popular and there was a seemingly never ending supply of work for it so I decided to stick with that.

That was around 2010 – 2011 when I made that decision and in the decade-plus since then I’ve worked with dozens of clients from all over the world, created edited and fixed dozens and dozens (hundreds?) of websites, created countless themes and plugins and written hundreds of thousands of lines of code.

What’s next?

As I explore React/NextJS and the litany of tools that come alongside them I figured I’d create this website as a relaunch of what I do having come from a server side based WordPress development world and moving to a more modern client side model.

More stories, posts, code snippets, and plugins coming!