Moe Loubani Software Developer / Development Consultant

About Me

I'm a software developer from Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. I've been creating websites and writing software to add functionality to those websites for over 10 years. I've worked with all sorts of different technologies and services: Javascript (React, Vue, jQuery), PHP (WordPress and Laravel), SES, S3, ECS, Cloudsearch from AWS, Docker, Git and SVN for revision control, Terraform, Datadog, Okta and more. Check out my blog or about me page to learn more.

What I Do


Architecting solutions and writing code to see them through to launch is one of the things that brings me the most satisfaction in what I do. I offer senior level software development in Javascript and PHP, with senior/team lead level experience when it comes to developing for WordPress (plugins and themes).


Consulting is something that can save you time and money throughout every step of the process of developing a new website or application or adding new functionality to an existing one. By planning things out from the start and identifying potential problems early on you will waste less time, you’ll have less headaches, and you’ll spend less money.

Bug Fixes and Maintenance

Have a WordPress site or plugin that you’ve been working on and run into an issue that you haven’t been able to solve? I can find the errors, debug them and find out what’s causing it/them, suggest solutions and then implement those solutions. I can also provide ongoing maintenance that includes updates and minor bug fixes that come up during the updates.


Have a team of developers that you need managed? I can take a project from planning to finish, delegating tasks to team members depending on what their strengths are. I then assist those developers with problem solving and push them towards strategies that work well in the scheme of the project as a whole.


Moe was super helpful and detailed in his approach to solving the problem at hand, from start to finish! Really happy with the work he's done.

Tiago D.

Moe is fantastic! He is a true professional, talented programmer and he is thorough!

Nur M.


Always a pleasure to work with Moe, this experience was no different. He goes above and beyond and is very knowledgeable. He is great at communicating and we will work with him again.

Kelsey F.

Finch Creative

Moe was very efficient, thorough and easy to work with. He was able to present simple and smart options for my tasks and stayed on track with timing. I would highly recommend Moe for other tasks and plan to reach out again as well.

Sabrina H.


Building My New Site – Getting Started

Having used WordPress since 2007 (and developed for it since 2010) I have seen a lot of trends come and go. I remember before custom post types were around and everyone had to use posts categorized in a certain way instead. And then came custom post types and WordPress started turning more and more into

Finally Launching My New Site

So today I officially launched this new website after spending the last couple of days ironing out a few bugs. It has been a journey making it with newer technologies and not the usual WP stack but it has been rewarding to see things like great results in PageSpeed insights and great comments from my

Redoing my Site / More About Me

Hello everyone reading this and welcome to my new website! As a long time WordPress developer this is my first official foray into the SSG world, something that I think has been a long time coming. My Background with WordPress I started using WordPress somewhere in 2007 when at that time it had the magical

Menu select in ACF

Today I’m working on a feature where I’ll need to be able to select a menu on an options page in ACF inside a repeater field. I took a look and didn’t see anyone else offering up how they did this so here it goes: I started with this and created a select field

Image Annotator

Just uploaded a cool plugin that one of my clients let me release publicly, it’s a great little tool for people that want to draw on their images and display them on the front end. Best of all the original image isn’t affected – you get to manage the objects on the image as separate

Squarespace to WordPress Image Issues and a Fix

If anyone has tried to take a Squarespace site and import it into WordPress then you have come across the issue where the images are still linked externally to Squarespace. No problem, there are plugins like Import External Images that will load those all up for you, right? Well it wasn’t so easy for me