Moe Loubani Software Developer / Development Consultant


With fifteen years of experience in the web development industry I have had an opportunity to work with just about every facet that comes with building a website. Here are some of the services I offer:

  • Software Development

    I write secure, reliable, effecient, and easy to read code. I can architecht a solution from scratch or work on an existing code base while following best practices (both in the scope of the software I’m using and language wide). My specialty is writing plugins and themes for WordPress and when I’m working with WordPress you can be confident you’re getting top level support. I keep up with industry trends and I follow best practices as defined by the WordPress codex.

    My language of choice is Javascript (and especially React) but I’m just as good with PHPillustration of programmer working and I have experience with all sorts of different technologies like NextJS, Terraform, AWS (EC2, SES, Cloudfront, Cloudsearch) MongoDB, MySQL, GraphQL, Docker, NodeJS, Git/Github and SVN, Redis, lots of different APIs, SAML, CAS, and some basic server management (I even run Ubuntu as my main OS).

    If you’re looking for someone that knows WordPress inside and out and won’t say no no matter how complicated what you’re thinking of is or if you’re looking for someone to lead a WordPress related team then get in touch.

    My current rate for software development work is $95/hour USD and I have a bare minimum of 4 hours/project.

  • Website Maintenance and Bug Fixes

    Managing your website and especially keeping it updated can be harder than it sounds. First of all you never know when clicking that update button will break something on your site – and you never know how long it will take to fix the problem. Depending on how technical you are you might be able to fix it yourself but if not then what?

    I have maintenance packages that go from simply backing up and updating the site (and then letting you know if any problems arise and how much it would) cost to fix them all the way to packages where the fixes are included.

    I can also host your website securely and I have a team to handle tedious tasks like content migration or uploading/posting content.

    My maintenance and update packages start at $100 a month and go up to $250 a month if you want to include things like someone to add frequent posts and managed hosting.

  • Development Consulting

    The biggest mistake I see when working with a new client is when they have a plan they put together without the help of a consultant with development experience. Nothing will save you more time and money than starting your project out with a solid plan put together by a team that includes a developer. For example with WordPress plugins come out of the box with a certain flow that will take lots of time and money to change. You need someone that knows the tools that you’re planning on using, knows their strengths and weaknesses, and can help you plan around those things right from the start. That way you aren’t gathering requirements and then coming in below expectations during development time (or over budget).

    My consulting rate is $150/hour USD and I have a bare minimum of 4 hours/project.

  • Management

    My approach to managing and leading a team comes from years of working with other developers, leading teams, leading projects, working with stakeholders, project managers and end users and delivering products with input from them all. I can quickly identify the strengths of team members and delegate work accordingly meanwhile staying accountable and transparent to upper leadership.

    I like to guide other developers to push themselves, to learn new technologies, to ask questions often and to enjoy the work that they do.

    Whether you have a team already set up and you need someone to lead them through a project (or more) or you’re looking to put a team together reach and and let’s see how I can help you out.

    Please get in touch with management rates as they depend greatly on the project/team.